Bid on a great selection of Firearms, Knives & Ammo. This Auction is in conjuction with Estate States Minnesota – Dana Arvidson – Owner 


Began: 04/06/20 at 4:00 PM CDT
Ended: 04/18/20 at 7:00 PM CDT

This Online Only Auction is in conjuction with Estate Sales Minnesota – Dana Arvidson – Owner

Coordes Guns,  in Beautiful Downtown Lansing, MN will handle ALL FFL Transfers.  Terms & Fees Apply.for this Service. 53955 269th St Lansing, MN 55950   507-437-3953

Visit their Shop to view Firearms Only: Hours M-TH 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m., Fridays 9:00 a.m.-Noon.  

Knifes (smalls) online viewing only. 





Rossi M68 .38 Special  SN AA146579  w/Box

Smith&Wesson Model 15 .38 Special Revolver   SN K744060

Crosman Air Pistol w/Carrying Case  No FFL Xfer needed – Pick up at Coordes

Ruger Mark I  22 Cal. Long Rifle Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN14-43724  w/Plastic Case

Japanese Nambu 14th Year 8mm Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN 6292 Includes Extra Magazine & Carrying Case

Mosin Nagant 1895 7.62 x38R Revolver  SN KHKXK976  w/Holster

Navy Arms TU 90 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN 70202 w/Box

Beresica (1951) Model 9 .25 Cal Semi-Automatic  SN 160389 w/Holster

Hopkins & Allen Safety-Police .32 Cal.  SN H402 w/Holster

Browning Nomad .22 LR Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN 27943P70  w/Instruction Booklet

Hungarian FEG  PA-63 9 x 18 Makarov Semi-Auto SN AT11371  Includes Extra Mag & Holster (matching SN#’s)

FM Policeman 25ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN PL5  Includes Holster

Norinco 1911 A1 .45 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN 402343 w/Box

H & R 686 .22 LR Revolver  SN AU165903  Includes Holster

Hungarian FEG P9R  9mm Semi-Automatic  Pistol  SN R26836  w/Box

CZ 52 7.62 Tokarev Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN E14746MID  Includes Extra Magazine & Holster

InterArms Astra 400 Model 1921 9 mm Largo Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN73230 w/Box

Colt New Frontier Dual Cylinder 22 LR/22 MAG Revolver  SN  G54599  Includes Box w/Material & Tool

Hungarian FEG PA-63  9×18 Makarov  SN BD6135  Includes Magazine & Holster

Ivers Johnson Tip Up .38 S&W Revolver  SN C38206

Ruger Standard .22 LR Semi-Automatic Pistol  SN 215951 Includes Holster

INTRATEC-TEC-DC9 9mm Semi-Automatic  SN D017693  w/Box

1911 .45 cal Holster Marked US Sears 1942 stamped on back

Norinco Model 213  9mm Empty Box


Long Guns:

Russian-Century Arms SKS (Matching SN#’S)   7.62 x 39 Semi-Automatic Rifle SN TW2034

Chinese CGA SKS (Matching SN#’s) 7.62 x 39 Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN C89123638

Russian SKS 1954 (Matching SN#’s) 7.62 x 39 Semi-Automatic Rifle SN E2501N

Winchester 1897 12 ga Pump Shotgun  SN E445721

Marlin Model 780 22LR Bolt Action Rifle  SN 20722721

Marlin/Coast to coast Model 40 22 LR Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN 72188372

Marlin Model 80 E 22 LR  Bolt Action Rifle  SN None

Wards Westernfield Model 38 22 SL & LR Single Shot Rifle  SN None

Springfield Model 15 22 LR Single Shot Rifle SN None

Nobel Model 20 H 22 LR Single Shot Rifle  SN None

Marlin 1897 22 LR  Pump Rifle  SN None

Benjamin Franklin  Air Rifle – Hold Air

Norinco SKS 7.62 x 39 Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN V8882PW

British Enfield #4 MK1 303 Brit, Bolt Action Rifle  SN E1689 Wartime Production

J Stevens Arms Company Model 94B 20 ga Single Shot Shotgun  SN None

CZ SHE 52 1952 7.62 x 45 Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN A67495

Springfield Armory M1 .306 Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN 3096698

Shanghai China Air Rifle 1.77mm SN J802744 Spring Piston

Wards Westernfield  Model 30 12 ga  Pump Action Shotgun SN BB711 NOTE:Barrel Damage

Japanese Ariska  7.7 x 58 Bolt Action Rifle “Mum in tact” SN 49504

Daisy Model 25 BB Gun No FFL Xfer needed – Pick up at Coordes

Belgium 22 LR Rifle No Bolt  SN 54326ZL

Glenfield Model 25 22 LR Bolt Action Rifle  SN 71398685

Browning 20 20 ga Semi-Automatic Shotgun  SN 9Z29074

Winchester Model 100 .308 cal Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN 38749

Springfield-J Stevens Arms Co. .410 Model 94B Single Shot Shotgun  SN  None

Stevens Model 53-B .22 SL&LR Single/Bolt Action Rifle  SN None

Wards Westernfield Model EMN 176 20 ga  Bolt Action Shotgun  SN None

Mossberg “Ducks Unlimited”  Model 500A 12 ga Pump Shotgun SN K284111

Winchester Model 840 20 ga    2 3/4″ & 3″ Full Single Shot Shotgun SN CE18906

Coast to Coast Model 42 .22 LR Semi-Automatic Rifle  w/ Tasco 4×32 Scope SN 26405044

Remington Model 1917 30.06 cal Bolt Action Rifle SN 11816

Glenfield Model 60 .22 LR Semi-Automatic Rifle SN 20343180

Remington 870 Express Super Mag 12 ga Pump Shotgun  SN C797476A

Springfield (J Stevens Arms Co.) Model 87A 22 LR Semi-Automatic Rifle  SN None

Ted Williams Model 200 20 ga  Pump Action Shotgun  SN 64004

Smith & Wesson Model 916T 20 ga Pump Action Shotgun SN 198278



Misc Lot Ammo 18/30-06 7.62*39 (10)  50+ .22 L

7.62 x45 CZ 52 4 Boxes Ammo

Luger 9mm Brass Case 250 Cartridges

Luger 9mm Brass Case 250 Cartridges

Luger 9mm Brass Case 250 Cartridges

Luger 9mm Brass Case 250 Cartridges

Luger 9mm Brass Case 250 Cartridges

250 Rounds .22 LR cal Ammunition (Remington, Federal + CCI)

Winchester 15-12 ga. 3″ 1 oz. Slug Super X

9 Rounds 20 ga. 2 3/4″ 5/8 oz. Hollow Point Rifled Slugs

12 ga. Ammo 20-2 3/4- 1/4oz – 4, 13 2 3/4″x1 1/8oz-4 Steel Shot

Brass Lot 11-30.06 Rounds (2 are Herter’s)

55 Rounds 30-30 Remington & Federal Ammunition

72 Rounds – 243 Win.100 Grain Soft Point Remington & Federal



Knives & Blades:

Sears USA 95234 3 Blade Knife

Camillus New York USA Cub Scout Three Blade Pocket Knife

Camillus New York USA Cub Scout Three Blade Pocket Knife

Camillus New York USA Cub Scout Three Blade Pocket Knife

Camillus New York USA Cub Scout Three Blade Pocket Knife White

Utica featherweight 2 Blade Girl Scout Knife

Utica Cutlery 4 Blade Boy Scout Knife – USA

Pal Cutlery Co. 4 Tool Boy Scout Knife “Be Prepared”

Remington 4 Blade Boy Scout Utility Pocket Knife Be Prepared

Remington 4 Blade Boy Scout Utility Pocket Knife Be Prepared

Remington 4 Blade Boy Scout Utility Pocket Knife Be Prepared

Case xx 61011 Jigged Bone Hawk Billed Pocket Knife

Case XX 6277 Little Jack Pocket Knife

Case XX Stainless 10 Dot 6347 HP Pocket Knife

Case Xx 61048 6 Dot Slimline Trapper Pocket Knife

Case XX 6265 SAB USA Hunter Pocket Knife

Case XX 3254 Trapper Pocket Knife

Kingston U.S. Marine Corps Pocket knife

USMC Imperial Bone Handle WWII Era Pocket Knife – Missing Shakle

Camillus US 1961 Military 4 Tool Pocket Knife

Camillus US 1967 Military 4 Tool Pocket Knife

Camillus US 1972 Military 4 Tool Pocket Knife

G. Schrade Stainless Steel Folding Locking~Hunting Fishing Knife Engraved

Scharade Old Timer 840T 2 Blade Pocket Knife

Schrade 163 Walden USA Jackson Rope Knife

Schrade 206 Vintage Barlow Folding Knife

Schrade 272 2 Blade Folding Knife

Schrade 158OT Old Timer Skinner Fixed Blade w/Gut Hook & Sheath

Schrade Old Timer USA 152 Sharp Finger Hunting Knife w/Sheath


Western USA 628  Fixed Blade Knife w?Sheath

Western USA 648 A Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath

Vintage Queen Slim Trapper Folding Knife

Collins & Co. Legitimus Machete w/22″ Blade & Sheath

J. Russell & Co. Green River Works Thistle Top Bowie Knife w/Sheath

Vintage Imperial 442F Frontier Fillet Knife w/Sheath

Joseph Rodgers Sheffield No 6. Bowie Folding Knife

Vintage DOZ – ALL Swedish Steel Utility/All Purpose Knife, Advertising MFG. E.J. AJAX & SON MPLS. MN

Vintage Elmo Inox Sterling Silver plate/Stainless Steel Blade Knife w/Sheath

G. C. Co. 047 Yukon Hunter Othello Solingen Germany w/Sheath

Opinel No. 10 Folding Knife – Non Locking

L.L. Bean 4″ Boning Knife w/Sheath

Henry Sears Co. 1865 2 Blade Folding Knife

J.A Henckels Germany 2 Blade Whittler Knife

Keen Kutter 899 Bone Utility Knife – Scout Style

Keen Kutter 833 & K2423C 2-Blade Knives – Pair

Remington Fixed Blade RH 104 w/Boy Scout Sheath (Rings on Handle Seem Loose)

Walt Disney Davy Crockett Imperial Pocket Knife 3.5″

Camillus Cut Co Advertising Self Locking Egg Carton-Chicago Pocket Knife-Corkscrew 5″

Vintage Sterling Silver Handle Stainless Blade Knife w/Initials

Ralston Straight Shooters Pocket Knife (Ralston Purina Premium) Tom Mix

Schrade Walden – Chrysler Master Tech 4 Year Leader Conference 3″

Camco Key Knife – Advertising Key Work Clothes – John E. Beis

Purina Kutmaster 3 Blade Checkerboard Knife

F&P Masonic Pocket Knife 4″ open

Pair 2 Blade Advertising Knives FlorSheim Shoes & Central Fire Truck Corp.

Pair Camillus USA Scout Style 4 Tool Pocket Knife

Case XX, Boker USA, Ulster, iXL Geo.Wostenholm Sheffield – All with Blade Issue

Cattaraugus Cut Co. 22549 & Shapleigh Hdwe Co St. Louis 2-Blade Knives – Pair

Kutmaster Utica S-2/S-4 & Vintage Camillus SIngle Blade Knife – Pair

Sears Craftsman & 2 Made in USA Knives (1-4Tool & 1 3 Blade) Lot

4 Buck Knife Lot

3 Unmarked Colorful Pocket Knives including Mini Scout Looking Knife

L F & C, Schrade Pocket Knives & Genco Grant Strait Razor Lot

Camillus New York USA Hawk Bill 1 Folding Knife

Pair L.L. Bean Pocket Knives – Small is Schrade

4 Remington Pocket Knives Lot (Yellow #R6785)

Herter’s Inc. Waseca, MN USA Skinner Knife w/Sheath 4″

10″ Bread Knife Gold Medal Flour – Park Rapids, MN

Vintage F. DICK Made in Germany 14″ Wood Handled Knife

Swedish Burl Barrel Knife, *****strom, Eskilstuna Hidden Knife

Collection 7 Knives – Utica, Imperial, Eagle, Thornton &Simmons

Miniature Knife Lot – 7 Including Cub Hunter

3 Knife Lot – 2 Pal Cutlery & 1 Remington

Lot of 6 Includes: Kent WG Moseley, Remington & Imperial

Barlow Imperial, Ka-Par & Gerber Folding Life Lot -3

Victorinox & Advertising Folders & Razor Holder Lot

3 Leather Fixed Blade Sheaths

Primitive 7″ Knife Very Unique

Sealtest Ice Cream Letter Opener

Foldable’s & Unique Design Knife Lot

Mini-Small Collection of 11 Vintage Pocket Knives 1 each Camillus, Utica, Colonel & Imperial

Double Oiler – Soviet USSR Military Gun Oil Container

Vintage & Primitive Knife Lot – 4

Bowie (Style) Knife Lot – 4

Western F48A Fixed Blade Knife “Black Beauty” w/Sheath  – Bowie

Imperial Single Blade Pocket Knife

Sportsman’s Knife Kent, N.Y. City Fixed Blade Knife – Custom Handle

Schrade NY USA #136 Hawkbill Knife “Skinning & Scraping Knife” on Blade

Chicago Cutlery 643 Boning – Fillet Knife w/Sheath

Western Boulder Co. Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath (Mirrors L52 but unmarked)

Broderna Jonsson Mora Sweden Hunting Knife with Original Sheath

Imperial Fixed Blade Bowie Style Hunting Knife

Western Fixed  Blade Knife w/Sheath – Similar to F48A but Unmarked

Aqua-Lung U.S. Divers Co. Stainless Divers Knife Pat. 214031 1

Aqua-Lung U.S. Divers Co. Stainless Divers Knife Pat. 214031 1

Vintage W II WRAGG Sheffield Folding Knife




Related Items:


Outers Gunslick Rifle Cleaning Kit – Used

Kleen Bore Gun Cleaning Kit – Handguns

SKS Bayonet Chinese Style


Leather Holster Hand Made by Viking Mexico #67


Holster Lot – Bianchi, Bergn Martin, S&W 29, King-Moore


S&W K Frame SK Lg Grip (No Pins or Screw) & J Frame SJ Small Grip


Colt Carrier / Agent Wood Grips


Industry Brand Lead Pellets 10×200 4.5mm Shanghai, China

Daisy Targeteer BB Tube Appears Full



Mutton Leg Shotgun Case


Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval and charged if purchase made as well as shipping. Must be valid to register and bid. If you have issues registering, please contact Proxibid 877 505 7770.

IMPORTANT: We will keep you posted with any updates to any timeline or restrictions that may be announced by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

Payment(s): Credit Cards- Amex, Visa, MasterCard or Discover only. Purchases over $2,000 to be paid via Wire Transfer. Those spending $2,000 + will be emailed wire instructions. Buyer to pay for all wire fees associated with wire transfer.

Payment Instructions: Your Credit card will be charged immediately upon conclusion of auction, In addition, shipping, handling and insurance fees will be charged at the time of shipment. Gun Transfer and shipping fees are paid directly to Coordes Guns.

18% buyers premium applies to Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. MN State & Local (City-County) charged when applicable. This sale will include Lansing, MN 7.375% sales tax. Adjustments in sales tax (if applicable) must be made prior to invoice by providing sales exemption information to Thompson Auction Service.

Additional excise tax and transfer fees apply to lots requiring registration if applicable. Currency Type: USD

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